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Intrasite Gel [ Generic ]

Product Title: Intrasite Gel
Generic Name:
Manufacturer: Smith & Nephew
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Intrasite Gel:
        Intrasite Gel used to rehydrates necrotic cells, assisting autolytic debridement, although to be in a position to release plus take in slough as well as exudate. This could additionally be utilized in order to offer the ideal wet injury control atmosphere throughout the future phases of injury closing. This is definitely low-adherent furthermore do not damage good cells else the epidermis nearby the injury. It creates INTRASITE Gel best suited for each and every level in the injury control procedure. Maintaining delicate granulation cells hydrated plus permitting the movement of epithelializing cells, INTRASITE Gel assists to develop an maximum hydrated injury control atmosphere. Treating sensitive granulation cell assists in reducing trauma efficiently. INTRASITE Gel is low-adherent therefore this is quickly eliminated off the injury through watering using regular saline; with no harmful delicate cells otherwise leading to unwanted discomfort to the individual.  It dries out the wound with enkanced handling of injury.

Precautions to be followed while using  Intrasite Gel:
        Intrasite Gel easily intermingle with other  chemical ingredients so precautionary methods should be taken before the usage by consulting the doctor about the complications that may rise upon. Avoid contact with eyes and in shallow wounds with thin openings as it very hard to remove the gel.

         It is for external usage only. Make injury region through washing using clean saline solution eliminate safety cap, utilize antiseptic wipe up to break off  beak of package. Employ Intrasite Gel over the injury lightly push container of package to distribute gel soft in excess of exterior of injury on a level of 5mm, dispose of untouched gel. Based on the coniditon of the injury dressing can be decided.

Side Effects of  Intrasite Gel:
         Intrasite Gel creates side effects when used in children such as changes inmental actions, changes in metabolic activities and growth alteration rates. 
  • Title: Intrasite Gel
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Smith & Nephew
  • Availability: In Stock