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B Long F [ Generic Pyridoxine–Folic Acid ]

Product Title: B Long F
Generic Name: Pyridoxine–Folic Acid
Manufacturer: Elder
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Pyridoxine–Folic Acid .
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Pyridoxine, a chemical name of vitamin B6, is prescribed for the treatment or prevention of vitamin B6 deficiency. Pyridoxine is also prescribed for treatment of vitamin B6-deficient anemia, and certain types of seizures in infants. Oral formulation is an OTC drug. However, injectable formulations should be administered only with a physician’s advice. Pyridoxine is vital for the metabolism of protein, lipids and glucose molecules.
  • Title:B Long F
  • Generic: Pyridoxine–Folic Acid
  • Manufacturer:Elder
  • Availability: In Stock