Betadine Ointment


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Betadine Ointment [ Generic Povidone Iodine ]

Product Title: Betadine Ointment
Generic Name: Povidone Iodine
Manufacturer: Win Medicare
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Povidone Iodine 15 g
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Povidone Iodine 125g
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Betadine Ointment:
      Betadine cures minor wounds such as burns, nail infections, cuts, skin infections, abrasions, cuts due to surgery, blisters, ringworm and statis ulcers. It heals the wounds by arresting bacterial development in affected area and prevents further infection progress in wounds.

Precautions to be followed while intake of Betadine ointment:
       Women who are pregnant and breast feeding mothers are advised to not to use the ointment. People who are allergic to betadine and other cram with combinations of iodine must consult the physician before usage of cream. After application of the cream skin rash or itching occurs discontinue the usage of the cream immediately. Avoid usage of betadine in contact with eyes, deep shallow wounds and also application of cream over varied areas of body not more than one week.

       Minor burns cleaned with cold water for a period of ten to twenty minutes and apply cream by covering with dressing. Blisters are treated by applying betadine without dressing and adhesive strapping. Ringworm in epidermis and feet are treated by normal application and if it’s in head hair is shaved and cream is applied to cure. Skin itching, redness apply the cream for 3 to 4 times daily in the affected area. Infections in nails are cured by applying betadine with covered dressing. Avoid swallowing of ointment else immediately contact doctor. Cuts or wounds  are cleaned completely and betadine is applied in the affected area tightened with cotton covering for speedy recovery from infections due to bacteria and fungus that are formed in the cuts. It also controls the spreading of fungus to the other parts of the body by the application of the betadine ointment cream.

Side effects of Betadine Ointment:
Redness or swelling or rash or itching.
Reduced kidney functionality.
Blood acid levels are increased.
It disturbs thyroid levels.
  • Title:Betadine Ointment
  • Generic: Povidone Iodine
  • Manufacturer:Win Medicare
  • Availability: In Stock