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Bifilac [ Generic Antidiarrheals ]

Product Title: Bifilac
Generic Name: Antidiarrheals
Manufacturer: Tablets India
Availability: in stock

Antidiarrheals .
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         Bifilac used to cure disorder of the composition of the normal flora of the intestine . It also avoids of disbacteriosis while as well as following antibiotic treatment together with sulfanilamide, radiation treatment problem of the digestive system triggered by the destruction of the intestinal epithelium or due to climatic changes plus the alter of the mixture of the average microflora of the gut. It take cares off recurring as well as severe diarrhea, meteorism , bowel irregularity gastroenteritis, colitis, chronic, atrophic gastroenteritis. It treats specific types of diarrhea in children and adult functioning as a antibiotic. It also rectifies skin problems caused by cancer, acne, fever and eczema.

Precautions to be followed while using Bifilac:
         Avoid begin end otherwise alter the quantity of whatever medication prior to verifying along with them initial prior to utilizing this medicine notify your physician otherwise pharmacist of nearly all prescribed as well as nonprescription natural goods you might utilize specially of various other  medicines. . Women who are planning to get pregnant or pregnant ladies should avoid the usage of bifilac as it may lead to abortion or it may affect the fetus. Breast feeding should also be avoided as it may pass through to new born babies.

         Children’s under the age of 4 years are provided with a dosage of half or 1 tablet either 1 or 2 times daily. Children’s under age above 4 and below 12 years are given 1 tablet daily also adults are given a dosage of 1 tablet two to three times daily. Maximum dosage limit should not be exceeded. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.

Side effects of Bifilac:
          Bifilac creates side effects such as Flatulence, constipation, clostridium butyricum, lactic acid bacillus and bacillus masentericus.
  • Title:Bifilac
  • Generic: Antidiarrheals
  • Manufacturer:Tablets India
  • Availability: In Stock