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Calcury Tablet [ Generic ]

Product Title: Calcury Tablet
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Manufacturer: Charak
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Calcury Tablet:
         Calcury Tablet encourages the passing of urinary calculi through diuretic, anti-inflamation related as well as painkiller characteristics. Saxifraga ligulata,Hazaral yahood pishti and  Crataeva nurvala  assist change calculi. Through rebuilding regular bowel activity. CALCURY contains Picrorrhiza kurroa, regularizes ureteral peristalsis plus additional encourages the passing of calculi. CALCURY comprises terrestris, Crataeva nurvala as part   additionally uphold crystalloid-colloid stability as well as avoid reoccurrence. It is secure as well as efficient in people those are unable to go through surgical procedure. It is secure for  extende lifetime-phase consumption. It avoids reappearance of stone development. Counter inflammation related characteristics are exhibited through the composition of Boerhaavia diffusa, Saccharum officinarium, and Tinospora cordifolia.

Precautions to be followed while using Calcury Tablet:

         When you are consuming Calcury Tablet have lot amount of water in whole day as well as add more amount of pumpkin, gourd in your diet. When you are consuming Calcury Tablet have lot amount of horse gram and wheat in whole day as well as add more amount of barley, ginger juice in your diet. Prevent intake of fried and also spicy food items as this may reduce the effect of Calcury Tablet. Avoid roaming out in summer days. If you feel urge to pass urine pass it out prevent suppressing it. Prevent the addition of beans, pulses, ladyfingers and tomatoes in your diet.


         Calcury Tablet is given with a dosage of single or two capsule daily preceeding meal thrice  in a divided basis over a period of 6 to 8 weeks. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.

Side Effects of Calcury Tablet:
         Calcury Tablet raises side effects such as Psychological activities modifications , Metabolic alteration, Growth level change. It also increases adverse effects when consumed by pregnant women.
  • Title:Calcury Tablet
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Charak
  • Availability: In Stock