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Cephagraine Nasal Drops [ Generic ]

Product Title: Cephagraine Nasal Drops
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Manufacturer: Charak
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Cephagraine Nasal Drops:
        Cephagraine Nasal Drops works in sinus problems by decreasing irritation, liquify mucous secretion as well as alleviate obstruction. Cephagraine lowers rate of recurrence, seriousness plus period of migraine headaches through its counter-inflamation related as well as painkiller characteristics. It encourages decongestive activity upon nose mucosa as well as consequently decreases nasal emission. It offers efficient reduction of nose obstruction plus makes it possible for effortless inhaling. Cephagraine Nasal Drops   Decreases stress and anxiety connected alongside migraine. It Decreases rate of recurrence as well as period of migraine headaches problems. It Offers an painkiller as well as counter-inflamation related activity therefore reducing  headache plus discomfort.

Precautions to be followed while using Cephagraine Nasal Drops:

          Persons with heart diseases, abnormal thyroid problems and diabetics should consult the doctor prior in utilization of the drug. High blood pressure patients and those who suffer to urinate are advised to discuss with the doctor before the medication is to be followed. If you are allergic to any food supplements or medication consult the doctor before usage of the Cephagraine Nasal Drops. Women who are planning to get pregnant or pregnant ladies and breast feeding mothers the usage of Cephagraine Nasal Drops and its effects are unknown so better to consult the doctor prior in utilization. As Cephagraine Nasal Drops is a sensitive drug care should be taken when utilized over the children.

          Cephagraine Nasal Drops is given with a dosage of two drops each nostril for about two to three times a day which can be repeated for a period of 1  month. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.

Side Effects of Cephagraine Nasal Drops:
          Cephagraine Nasal Drops raises adverse effects like nausea, rapid/slow heart beat, abnormal sweating, skin rash or itching, headache, difficulty in breathing, lack of sleep, dizziness, mood changes, sneezing and runny nose.
  • Title:Cephagraine Nasal Drops
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Charak
  • Availability: In Stock