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Cremalax [ Generic Sodium Picosulphate ]

Product Title: Cremalax
Generic Name: Sodium Picosulphate
Manufacturer: Abbott
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Sodium Picosulphate 10 mg
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        Cremalax is used to clear the bowel before colonoscopy or endoscopic surgery by invigorating muscles of bowel to relieve constipation. People with  trouble in stools and constipation over years. If the bowel movements are adjusted by intake of cremalax for more than 6 months the muscles will adopt to the medication for regular operation leading damage to intestinal and low vitamin absorption. Hence creamalax is not recommended for greater than 3 weeks if continued it may lead to disorders so consult the gastroenterologist regularly for complete check up of functionality of bowel movements such that even after the discontinuation of the medicine patients don’t have problem in passing stools.

Precautions to be followed while using Cremalax:
        Pregnant women and mothers who breast feed are advised to avoid the usage of the medicine as it may severely affect fetus. People who are allergic to cremalax or any other allergic are advised to consult the doctor before usage. In take of other drugs in addition to cermalax will lead to severe problems so consult the physician before the usage of cremalax. Expiry date should be checked before the usage. Keep out of children place it in safe and cool place. Increase the intake of fluids and fresh vegetables. Urge of passing stools should not be ignored.

       Usually cremalax is given one tablet at the bed time. Based of the difficulty in stool passing the dosage of cremalax is varied by the doctor. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.

Side effects of Cremalax:
Difficult breathing.
Swelling in face or throat.
Stomach upset.
Redness in skin.
Changes in skin color.
Skin rash or itching or allergy.
  • Title:Cremalax
  • Generic: Sodium Picosulphate
  • Manufacturer:Abbott
  • Availability: In Stock