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Digital Thermometer [ Generic ]

Product Title: Digital Thermometer
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Manufacturer: Microgene
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Digital Thermometers:
        Digital Thermometers measures the temperature of human body and displays digitally in monitor. It can measure both Fahrenheit temperature and Celsius temperature. Formerly Mercury and Bimetallic thermometers are used to for measuring temperatures where they require mercury or two metals to be get heated to display the reading. Hence it leads to the development of Digital Thermometer containing thermister that monitors the alteration in heat resistance measures by converging resistance to temperature and digitally display the temperature. It is used under arm or orally reading with the range of 94 to 105 Fahrenheit. It is used in medical field to measure human body temperature and in marine applications gas sensor used to monitor the temperature. Nuclear power plants, ship building yards and blast furnaces measure temperature using digital meters.

Precautions to be followed in using Digital Thermometer:
        Rinse the Thermometer prior and after the usage of the Thermometer with antiseptic solution. Avoid hitting of the thermometer in hard objects it may break the device care should be taken in handling. Don’t allow children to take their temperature themselves so place the device away from them. Temperature variations happen according to physical conditions or if varied temperature shown for a long duration then consult the doctor. Avoid the usage of thermometer in wet and shocks. Reassembling and trying to repair thermometer will result in complete damage of the device. After the usage of device 1 minute put off the device or it will automatically switch off. Keep in the shielded case by cleaning the device properly.

        Check the temperature as per the doctor’s advice.

Side Effects of Digital Thermometer:
        When the batteries are yet to die its difficult to identify the remaining charge in battery and also replacing the new batteries is hard to get. Half emptied batteries show wrong readings. All digital meters are does not provide exact measurement of temperature.
  • Title:Digital Thermometer
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Microgene
  • Availability: In Stock