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Drez Ointment [ Generic Metronidazole Oral ]

Product Title: Drez Ointment
Generic Name: Metronidazole Oral
Manufacturer: Stedman
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Metronidazole Oral 10 g
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Drez Ointment:
       Drez is an antiseptic containing chlorhexidine to destroy gram-positive germs and gram-negative germs. It acts an agent to kill agent reproduction. The activity of layer disturbance, and not ATPase  deactivation as already thought. intellection . It additionally indicates movement with concealed infections, however this has not been widely investigated.Products containing chlorhexidine in senior high fixations flooding must be avoided eyes,ears as it may endanger harm to those organs. On the other hand, chlorhexidine is securely utilized as a part of low fixations focus in some contact lens intersection family Lens arrangements. It acts by tying to adversely charged bacterial cell divider subsequently upsetting layer uprightness and influencing its capacities.

Precautions to be followed while intake of Drez Ointment:
       Drez containing Chlorhexidine gluconate oral wash can bring about recoloring of oral surfaces, for example, tooth surfaces, rebuilding efforts, and the dorsum of the tongue. Not all patients will encounter an outwardly critical increment in toothstaining. Stain will be more affirmed in patients who have heavier gatherings of unremoved plaque. patients with front facial rebuilding efforts with unpleasant surfaces or edges. In the event that regular stain can't be expelled from these surfaces by a dental prophylaxis, patients ought to be barred from Chlorhexidine gluconate treatment if perpetual staining is unsatisfactory. A few patients may encounter a modification in taste discernment while experiencing treatment with Chlorhexidine gluconate oral wash that may also lead to permanent taste alteration. Contact with eyes should be avoided.

       Cleanse  the affected area properly and apply drez ointment as prescribed by doctor to kill the bacteria by covering it with bandage.

Side effects of Drez ointment:
aggravation of conjunctiva.
tongue staining.
mucosal disturbance.
Skin affectability.
parotid organ swelling reversible chestnut recoloring of the teeth.
  • Title:Drez Ointment
  • Generic: Metronidazole Oral
  • Manufacturer:Stedman
  • Availability: In Stock