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Evenshade Cream [ Generic ]

Product Title: Evenshade Cream
Generic Name:
Manufacturer: Charak
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30 g
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Evenshade Cream:
         Evenshade Cream minimizes hyper-skin discoloration, offers nutrition that will help the complexion as well as therefore boosts a clear youthful appearing skin tone. Eliminates surplus oil as well as dirt out of epidermis. Prunus amygdalus is actually an emollient, fixes degenerated dead skin. Evenshade Cream offers a wealthy focus of oleic as well as linoleic vital fatty acids. Morus indica shows astringent activity. Rotula aquatica increases skin tone, influences development of healthier tissues. Gel of Cucumis sativus provides cooling, relaxing, tightening up impacts to epidermis. Evenshade Cream Decreases hyper-skin discoloration. Evenshade offers nutrition that will help the skin as well as therefore increases skin color. It works very effective in Hyper skin discoloration like Melasma, Post Acne Spots, Post inflammation related hyper skin discoloration.

Precautions to be followed while using Evenshade Cream:
         Prevent intake of fried and also spicy food items as this may reduce the effect of Evenshade Cream. When you are using Evenshade cream consume more amount of water. Avoid roaming into the sunlight if you are going to be then either use umbrella or effective sunscreen lotion. Prevent influence to extreme high temperature, chilled climate as well as rainy weather. Prevent consuming ice water and also taking bath in cold water after heavy work out. If you feel urge to pass urine pass it out prevent suppressing it. Avoid black gram and extreme salt consumption.

         Rinse the portion of the skin where it is to be applied. Apply Evenshade cream over the affected area during morning and evening everyday. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms. Decreasing physical as well as mental stress and prevent extra spicy diet items as it may reduce the functionality of Evenshade cream.

Side Effects of Evenshade Cream:
         Evenshade Cream raises adverse effects when employing the cream and roaming out in extreme high temperature and in rainy weather.
  • Title:Evenshade Cream
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Charak
  • Availability: In Stock