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Fem Bleach [ Generic ]

Product Title: Fem Bleach
Generic Name:
Manufacturer: Fem Care Pharma
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Fem Bleach:
        Fem Bleach offers remarkable skin tone color and epidermis. FEM Fairness Naturals Bleach with zero incorporated Ammonia tends to make a entire unique distinction in the global bleaching. Zero added Ammonia guarantees which one encounter secure plus mild bleaching & additionally works with a revitalizing aroma which produces the bleaching event much more pleasurable. Bleaching helps in order to get away of these kinds of as well as expose specific perfect face. The aim associated with face brightening treatment try to improve.Application of bleaching agent builts the skin tone through lowering the amount concerning the epidermis blackening pigment.

Precautions to be followed while using Fem Bleach:
        Using fem bleach may cause mild irritation if it exaggerates please avoid the usage of the cream. Application of bleach mixture in facial area can be done only through spatula and also avoid contact through eyes. It should not be used in the skin areas affected by burns, cuts and severe wounds. Bleaching should not be repeated within 21 days of duration period. Don’t leave the fem bleach, activator mixed and kept for a long period before the application over the skin. Ultra Violet rays exposure and application of soap  should be avoided atleast 5 hours after the bleaching.

        Fem bleach is advised to be us in the appropriate usage in exact time. Apply the Fem bleach cream mixture and leave aside only for 15 minutes in face. Rinse the bleach completely by cold water such that mixture removed from face and allow it to dry. A pack of 6.6g can be used once on face and neck and content weighing 26.4 g can be used 4 times. It normally packed in 52.8 g which can be applied 8 times on facial area.

Side Effects of Fem Bleach:
        Fem Bleach does not suits for all skin types. Over usage of the bleach may lead to severe problems such as skin color changes, sun tan and burns.
  • Title:Fem Bleach
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Fem Care Pharma
  • Availability: In Stock