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Follihair [ Generic Biotin ]

Product Title: Follihair
Generic Name: Biotin
Manufacturer: AHPL
Availability: in stock

Biotin .
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Now a day most of the men and women suffer from hair fall, normally hair fall is a common problem, While washing your hair, we lose around 80-100 strands daily which is normal.   And then many factors behind hair loss, such as hormone changes, climate change, Eat junk foods and so on. Suppose we lose more than that, we have to take Folli hair tablets.  Folli hair is one of the best medicines to treat hair fall, Actually It is a multivitamin nutritional supplement, and it contains Amino Acids, Vitamins, and Minerals & Natural Extracts.

Benefits of Folli hair: 
  1. It reduces the hair fall      

  2. It suits for all hair types       

  3. Strong the hair from the roots
    4. Growth of new hair and much more.
If you want to stop your hair loss and hair fall, you have to take Folli hair tablets.    
  • Title:Follihair
  • Generic: Biotin
  • Manufacturer:AHPL
  • Availability: In Stock