Genticyn Eye Ear Drops


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Genticyn Eye Ear Drops [ Generic Gentamycin Benzalkonium Chloride ]

Product Title: Genticyn Eye Ear Drops
Generic Name: Gentamycin Benzalkonium Chloride
Manufacturer: Allergan
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Gentamycin Benzalkonium Chloride 5ml
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Gentamicin eye / ear Drops:
        Gentamicin eye / ear drops used to treat infection in eyes and ears due to bacteria. Ear / Eye infected due to swelling are cured by gentamicin drops it decrease the irritation in eye / ears. It can also be used to avoid contamination of  damage in ear or after the surgery in ear.

Precautions in using Gentamicin Eye / Ear Drops:
        Pregnant women and mothers who breast feed are advised to avoid the usage of the medicine as it may severely affect fetus. Eye irritation and affects the color of contact lens as it contains the preservative so remove the lens prior in applying and reuse after a period of 15 minutes. Usage of drops may lead to blurred vision so avoid driving and using large machineries until vision gets clear. Using of drops along with certain medicines such as amphotericin, frusemide and cephalosporins may lead to kidney failure. Patients of kidney and liver usage of drops may lead to hearing loss. Damage in ear drum must avoid the usage of drops.

        Rinse the hands before usage of drops. Infected eye is given a dosage of 1 - 2 drops for each 4 hours. In case of ears 2 -4 drops given for atleast 3 -4 times per day. Remove the contact lens before usage and don’t touch the tip of the bottle. In the case of ears clean it before applying drops to it as it may increase infection. Place the drops away from children and keep in a place with temperature below 25c. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.

Side effects of Gentamicin Eye / Ear Drops:
Itching or blurred vision.
Lack of urine passage leading to kidney problems.
Loss of hearing.
Burning sensation in skin.
  • Title:Genticyn Eye Ear Drops
  • Generic: Gentamycin Benzalkonium Chloride
  • Manufacturer:Allergan
  • Availability: In Stock