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Iodine Tincture [ Generic ]

Product Title: Iodine Tincture
Generic Name:
Manufacturer: Par health Care
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Iodine Tincture:
        Iodine Tincture acts to control microbes such as bacteria,virus but its not applicable to protozoe parasites. It contains iodine which can be used as disinfectant in drinking water  to offer iodine of 30 or higher per metric capacity. It can also be used to clean  fruits, water, and vegetables by inducing a small quantity. Intake of Iodinised fruits and vegetables may cause harm to human beings Application of tincture to the skin in addition brings regarding body process and bioavailability of some moderate division of the iodine.

Precautions to be followed while usage of Iodine Tincture:
        Inhaling the Iodine Tincture mistakenly can be immediately set back by breathing external air for some time. If unintentionally exposed to eyes rinse thoroughly with water to remove the effect. If irritation exists consult the ophthalmologist immediately. If its incident on hair or skin rinse with plenty amount of cleanser and water if rashes exist consult the dermatologist immediately. Iodine spilled garments have to be washed thoroughly before reuse. People who have got Animal bites or serious burns or Deep wounds are advised to consult the doctor before the usage of Iodine Tincture.

        This pharmaceutical is for outside utilization only. Children younger than age 1 and adults with skin problems can use the medication as directed by the specialist advice. Kids less than age of 1 month are recommended to not to use this medication. Also its advised that it can be used not exceeding 10 days. Insect bites, injuries due to cuts or blazes avoid the application of iodine tincture. Covering the affected area by the application of iodine tincture and ripped by bandage will lead to create excessive reaction so avoid tight ripping.

Side Effects of Iodine Tincture:
Stomach pain.
Swelling in neck and throat.
Redness or itching or skin rash.
  • Title:Iodine Tincture
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Par health Care
  • Availability: In Stock