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Kofol Lozenges [ Generic ]

Product Title: Kofol Lozenges
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Manufacturer: Charak
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Kofol Lozenges:
         Kofol Lozenges is an adaptable blend of restorative plants, that have mitigating characteristics. Curcuma longa as well as Zingiber officinale are antibacterial plus mitigating. Glycerrhiza glabra and Adhatoda vasica are mucolytic with expectorant. Ocimum sanctum possess immunomodulator properties. Bibhitaki is known not antitussive activity. In this manner, Kofol Lozenges is a first decision in the curing of hack. Kofol Lozenges is for gainful cough as well as Kofol Lozenges for non-beneficial cold. It is Beneficial in profitable plus dry cough. It decreases mucosal disturbance which is of sore throat. It gives help from hack of shifted etiology.

Precautions to be followed while using Kofol Lozenges:
          Prevent influence to extreme high temperature, chilled climate as well as rainy weather. Prevent consuming ice water, ice cream and also taking bath in cold water. Wash with salt water. Home grown inward breath of warm water with camphor and mint is prompted. Abstain from talking an excessive amount to decrease strain on throat. On the off chance that obliged, talking in a low and delicate pitch is prompted. Oil back rub took after by hot fomentation over mid-section and back, particularly if there should arise an occurrence of mid-section clog. Perform profound inward breath and exhalation no less than two times each day. Maintain a strategic distance from frosty water, refrigerated sustenance items and frozen yogurt. Abstain from smoking, tobacco biting and presentation to chemicals, industrials exhaust, dust and dust.Avoid slick and fiery sustenance.

          Kofol Lozenges is given with one tablet to be bitten four times day by day or as coordinated by a doctor otherwise your therapeutic professional. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.

Side Effects of Kofol Lozenges:
         Kofol Lozenges contains natural herbs so it does not exhibit any adverse effects when used by the individuals who suffer from severe dry cough.
  • Title:Kofol Lozenges
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Charak
  • Availability: In Stock