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Meswak [ Generic Meswak ToothPaste ]

Product Title: Meswak
Generic Name: Meswak ToothPaste
Manufacturer: Dabur
Availability: in stock

Meswak ToothPaste 50 g
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         Meswak is styptic as well as bactericidal characteristics of meswak assist minimizing teeth decay eliminate oral plaque buildup plus avoid gum infection. It is verified to well being boost gum tissue,avoid tooth corrosion, get rid of bad breath as well as confirm firm teeth just about all at once. It offers total dental treatment pros as it is developed to minimize tarter plus oral plaque, battle germs as well as micro-organisms to maintain gum healthier,avoid teeth rot, get rid of bad breath plus keep strong teeth. It offers a distinct flavour which signifies freshness plus could be utilized in total dental treatment. Regular usage of meswak will lead to clean and white teeth. Meswak is made of natural ingredients it has reduced side effects when compared to other products.

Precautions to be followed while using Meswak:
         Avoid the usage of the meswak tooth paste in children under 6 years of age if accidently intaken immediately contact the doctor for emergency help. If you are allergic to meswak or any other combinations of the drugs consult the doctor before the usage of the medication. Appropriate parent care should be taken for children over 6 years of age while the usage of meswak.

         Meswak is used after meals daily in the morning and evening. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.

Side Effects of Meswak:
          Meswak containing fluoride prevents cavities but also leads acne in mouth as well as chin region also weakens the bones. Titanium dioxide in meswak are absorbed by mouth that harm the healthy tissues in the body. Moisture of the paste is maintained by glycerin which avoids the teeth remineralizing. Foaming nature of the paste is carrying out through sodium lauryl sulfate which leads to strong chemical reactions.
  • Title:Meswak
  • Generic: Meswak ToothPaste
  • Manufacturer:Dabur
  • Availability: In Stock