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Oxy Bleach [ Generic ]

Product Title: Oxy Bleach
Generic Name:
Manufacturer: Fem Care Pharma
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Oxy Bleach:
          Oxy Bleach Whenever ones skin appears dull because of  environmental pollution as well as ultraviolet radiation , this shows the absence of the necessary oxygen sources. Chemical bleaching agent offers an individual  immediate brightness. Oxy bleach is a pre bleach cream that is utilized on epidermis liberates the necessary oxygen over the skin cell which is referred as oxygenation. This makes the skin energizes, revitalizes as well as brightness skin. Bleaching is nothing but brightening hairs present in face and also get rid off dark spots. It assists in brightening the face. Oxybleach, using its special method, breathes oxygen to the skin as well as revives the radiance instantly.

Precautions to be followed while using Oxy Bleach:
         Bleaching must always be carried out once in 15 days. As part of in connection with this frequent bleaching removes out the radiance of the face as well as provides a pale complexion.  Avoid bleaching if you are pregnant or breast feeding mother as chemicals such as hydrogen peroxide otherwise mercury move through your epidermis to your blood additionally could affect the baby. Avoid exposure to ultra violet rays prior as well as following bleaching since it reduces the impact of the entire process carried out. Avoid bleach after facial as it will reduce the glow of your face.

         Rinse your face using plain water also tap dry out. Employ the pre-bleach solution on the region to be bleached. Rub perfect up until the solution is totally assimilated. Avoid rinsing the face following the utilization of the cream. Make use of all the contents of the bleach cream as well as the activator. Employ the spatula to blend it properly. Employ this evenly over the region to be bleached leave the bleach in order to remain according to the suggested time period plus type of the skin. Clean it down using plain water otherwise removes using soaked cloth or sponge.

Side Effects of Oxy Bleach:
         The amount of activator used should be followed as per instruction else that will burn out the skin. Leaving the bleach for  more than 15 minutes makes the skin damage.
  • Title:Oxy Bleach
  • Generic:
  • Manufacturer:Fem Care Pharma
  • Availability: In Stock