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Purinethol [ Generic Mercaptopurine ]

Product Title: Purinethol
Generic Name: Mercaptopurine
Manufacturer: Cadila
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Mercaptopurine 50 mg
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Known for its efficacy, PURINETHOL has been used solely for the treatment of acute lymphatic leukemia. Containing 50 mg Mercaptopurine along with the inactive ingredients oflactose(monohydrate),potato starch,hypromellose, lactose (anhydrous),stearic acid, sodium starch glycolate,magnesium stearate, lactose (monohydrate), sodium starch glycolate and starch, PURINETHOL(mercaptopurine) inhibits the growth of cancer cells.PURINETHOL is known by its brand names of Leukeran, 6 MP, Leukerin, Mercaleukim and Ismipur. PURINETHOL (mercaptopurine) is also known as Mercaleukin, Mercapurin, Purimethol, 6-Thiopurine, Mercaptopurine Monohydrate, MP, Purinethol and Puri-Nethol. With its chemical name as l,7-dihydro-6H-purine-6-thione monohydrate, is an analogue of the purine bases adenine and hypoxanthine, PURINETHOL is administered orally in 1.5 to 2.5 mg/kg/day as a single dose and50mg tablets. It has been categorized in the drug class of Purine analogues, Antineoplastic Agents and Antimetabolites.

Some of the side effects of PURINETHOL (mercaptopurine) may manifest as:
Night sweats
Allergic reactions
Pain in upper part of abdomen that spreads to the shoulder
Light-headed feeling
Short of breath
Easy bleeding or bruising
Increased heart rate
Feeling of fullness even if small amount of food has been consumed
Sore throat
Clay-colored stools and dark urine
Loss of appetite
Mouth ulcers accompanied by white patches in moth and lips
Body ache
Flu-like symptoms
Hair loss
Skin rash
Burning or pain while passing urine
Low platelet count

Precautions to take while under PURINETHOL treatment:
If the patient is allergic toPURINETHOL (mercaptopurine) to if there are any other allergies. As PURINETHOL accelerates a galloping type of lymphoma or cancer extra should be taken as this affects the spleen, bone marrow and liver. Causing side effects (see above), patients taking PURINETHOL should report any reactions to the doctor. It is important to avoid circulating with people who have recently been exposed to any flu vaccine, oral polio vaccine, sickness or infection. Lab tests are recommended as PURINETHOL (mercaptopurine) lowers platelet count and is injurious to bone marrow. The doctor should be informed regarding the medical history of the patient and if there have been liver or kidney disease, gout, any blood disorders, previous radiation treatment or pancreatitis. Hands should be washed often to prevent infection. Vaccinations and immunizations should be avoided. The patient should not use sharp instruments such as knives or razors. If a dental procedure has to be rendered, the doctor must be told previously. Contact sports must be avoided. Alcohol intake must be reduced or stopped as it increases GI disorders and causes damage of the liver. Elderly patients must take great care as PURINETHOL causes damage to liver and bone marrow. Pregnant and lactating mothers must not take this drug.

PURINETHOL (mercaptopurine) is used mainly in the maintenance therapy and remission inductionof acute lymphatic leukemia.

Taken orally, PURINETHOL is administered in a single dosage of in 1.5 to 2.5 mg/kg/day andin 50mg tablets.
  • Title:Purinethol
  • Generic: Mercaptopurine
  • Manufacturer:Cadila
  • Availability: In Stock