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Regulax Forte Tablet [ Generic ]

Product Title: Regulax Forte Tablet
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Regulax Forte Tablet::
         Regulax Forte Tablet is a polyherbal diuretic that serves to regularize defecations. Jaipal applies purgative activity and mollifies the stools. Bhringraj controls solid discharges. Shuthi serves to enhance assimilation. Along these lines Regulax Forte diminishes the gastric inconvenience and guarantees smooth evacuation.It Re-instructs the inside capacity. No known medication connection. exceptionally advantageous measurement plan. Consolidating sustenances disgracefully can bring about digestive issue like acid reflux, maturation, rottenness and gas development which leads to stomach pain.

Precautions to be followed while using Regulax Forte Tablet:
         Utilization of warm water with one to two teaspoonful of ginger juice is suggested at sleep time and when you get up in the morning. Delicate and simple absorbable eating regimen like khichadi, vegetable soup is exhorted. Beverages like new buttermilk, jaljira are prompted. New leafy foods juices are exhorted. Utilization of verdant vegetables, grain of both rice and wheat is valuable to expand the fiber substance of the sustenance. Morning walk is prescribed. Stay away from oily and spicy sustenance. Stay away from anomaly in dietary propensities. Stay away from over the top utilization of tea and espresso. Stay away from liquor utilization. Prevent from late night dinners, enthusiastic variables like tension and anxiety. Avoid smoking as well as consumption  of alcohol as it may lead to adverse effects. Abstain from keeping wakeful for a more drawn out time in the night.

          Regulax Forte Tablet is given as  a dosage of One to two tablets at sleep time to be mindfully redone according to individual propensities and seriousness of constipation. Consult the doctor for prescription of the dosage as it depends upon the individual’s symptoms.

Side Effects of Regulax Forte Tablet:
          Regulax Forte Tablet does not have any serious side effects to be recorded in consumption following the precautionary steps in advance as directed.
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